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Upload Service doesn't seem to know whether I'm logged in or not.

Went straight to, logged in there, it did its "invalid form" thing, logged in again, uploaded something, the site decided it wanted me to log in again so I did and then it denied all access to the upload service at all, only wanting to show me the forum.

The only way I could get back to the Upload Service was to log out from the forum and go through the above again, which then just went round in a loop. In the meantime what I was trying to upload went, but I can't be sure if it was duplicated or not. Anyway I had two copies of one file on there.

If I went back in the browser I could see my files and browse and open them and get the links and everything, so...

(edited - if I upload and go to log in again and then go back to the Upload Service having logged out as above, the file I was uploading gets a second copy added with a number 2 stuck on the end of the filename)
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