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Having problems with logging on. Claims that I have specified an incorrect username, when it's the same one as my TV Forum account.

Edit: looks as if my account was deleted off the database so I've set up a new Metropol account.
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Twig problems on Metropol.
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Don't like the new skin.

aye it's ugly innit? too many changes meant the old skin wouldn't work nicely. Am going to get it all recoloured.

New features include full emoji support 😇, links to posts in quotes, use of font-awesome rather than pishy little images and general speed improvements, huzzah.
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I cant work out how to use the upload service on the site? I've used it no problem in the past... am I just not allowed to anymore or is it a bit hidden, or even more likely I'm up too late and cant work out what I am doing! Looks vastly improved on the site I used a few years back! Would be grateful for a response. Cheers Smile