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Lee1,512 posts since 16 Sep 2003
Yes I saw this the other day, maybe this is a hint of some new graphics? I think it's about time the titles were refreshed a little. Cowell says on the site that the show will be "bigger, better, different and almost unrecognisable from last year..."

The blue/red graphics used on the site and the backdrop for the auditions look really good.
Joshua2,932 posts since 9 Jul 2005
The logo looks more shiney this year? and by a picture one the News Story page it looks like there may be a new title sequence because theres a shot with the logo with lines behind ? not last years white/gold dots
GMc2,680 posts since 15 Nov 2005
Kellow posted:
andy-tyne-tees posted:
Once again good work from ITV!

Are you joking!?!? ITV are sh*t Laughing

It wasn't even ITV who designed the page, it was @www, I think.