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After being increasingly unsatisfied with how the BBC News website is full of videos designed for social media rather than actual reports I took a look around the ITV News website today and was pleasantly surprised! There were a fair number of proper VTs from national and local news programmes, and certainly the local news pages actually seem to be better in some cases than the BBC equivalents! Looking at the ITV News Anglia page there are three VTs online from Friday's programme (versus 0 on Look East's website), and they all come with detailed write-ups rather than the more basic summaries on the BBC websites for the counties in the region - there are probably fewer stories uploaded per day overall but the ones that are do seem more detailed. I even noticed that at 9:47pm on a Friday they'd put a quick page up about a Paralympic Medalist from Essex, which is good considering the local live pages on the BBC site finish up at around 6pm.
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We're not getting HD (Tweeted reply to a direct Q)

Ridiculous. Over in France, TF1, the closest to ITV in France has 720p for VoD and live streams. Ironically, the PSB France Télévisions (Francetvpluzz) is SD for VoD and 720p for live streams.

HD should be an incentive to upgrade to the paywall model. Ad-free isn't a major deal for me personally.