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(May 2013)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Been wondering about this. What is the reason why I can't download video clips from InformativosTV?

(Also the same as, some may be familiar with the website)
WW Update
This is the information given on the homepage:

All the clips, except a few of them, are only hosted in two servers, which are independent from the one hosting the site. That means that you can only download them during certain periods of time each day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is what it says on another page:

The files of the site are hosted in three independent servers. The pictures and pages are hosted in a server in the US. However, the clips are hosted in my computers and you can download them only when they are powered.

It's been like this since 2001, when the site first went online. The exact times when the server with the clips worked used to be listed, but I can no longer find that info.
So why doesn't the webmaster just leave those PCs on 24/7? Bandwidth? Because if that's the issue they should get better external hosting.
Wow. Haven't been on that site in many years. It's barely changed!
Paul Clark
Enjoyed visiting this back in the day! A nice site Smile

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