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Ok, so I've said bye to Sky... but have gone for BT TV, so keeping the majority of the premium channels that people may actually watch.

I'd rather pay the £14/month for all the UKTV channels, plus ComCen, History, SyFy, Discovery etc, rather than £43/m for the extra Sky 1, Atlantic, Arts and hundreds of channels of crud which I'd never look at.

And if you really wanted them you could get the main Sky channels through Now TV, which I think is still £6.99 a month - so still half the price of what you were paying.

Or even cheaper if you buy Now TV pre-paid passes. £15 is the official price for 3 months Entertainment, but can be purchased for less on eBay.
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I recently changed the embedded player in the Gallery. As a consequence, has anyone had trouble playing the videos? If so, please drop me a message either via the site's feedback page or through PM here. If you could provide full details such as device, OS, browser and version, and the videos that don't play it would be a great help.

Many thanks!
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Food Network has had a refresh, adopting the US logo. (just as a heads up - also, to record any menus, your best bet is around 10:40pm)
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Its always a good idea to stay in good terms with tv companies. Wink