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You misunderstand, Jon. I believe the person in question was a moderator and a 12 year old boy AT THE SAME TIME!
There is a gentleman called itsrobert who started this thread and was once a mod. Maybe. I don't know if he was a 12 year old boy at the time.
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Haha yes 'twas me! Although I wasn't 12 - I was already 14 when TV Forum started in the March of 2001. Asa asked me to become a moderator in around June 2001 I think - in which case I turned 15 in the July. But yes I was pretty young to be bossing people around and - like Billy - I cringe at some of my early posts now as a nearly 28 year old!!

When you put it in those terms it really is scary that I've been visiting and posting on TV Forum daily for almost half my life, just like Billy! Crazy!! And like Bail I've made some great friends here over the years who I keep in frequent contact with outside the forum.

Sometimes I miss being a moderator on here - there was never a dull moment and overall I enjoyed my 7 or 8 years in the role. However I am glad that I called it a day when I did as it's allowed me to really enjoy posting as a mere member again. I wouldn't swap it for the world now.
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Possibly the TV Ark forum? That was around before this one, closing suddenly one day late in 2005. Used to post there a lot too.

Saying that I'm pretty sure a 2000 Today thread here (tied in with a website launching about it I think) and the regional hearts idents would have definitely been discussed here.
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