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itsrobert6,453 posts since 23 Mar 2001
Granada North West Today
Today marks 13 years since TV Forum began on 22nd March 2001. I can't believe it's been 13 years already and although I don't post as often as I used to, TVF is still my first port of call online every day. Thanks to Asa and the members for making it possible. It's nice to still see some old faces around these parts who can remember how we began all those years ago.

All the best, TVF!
A former member
Happy birthday. It seems Ive been around for ten years around here...
JK081,461 posts since 20 Feb 2011
Granada North West Today
It's very much in the shadow of some much greater and wiser contributors to the forum, but my three years here seem to have flown by. Upon my arrival to TVF back in Feb 2011, Five had just become 'Channel 5', Sky had just rebranded it's entertainment channels and there have been many more brilliant and intresting topics of discussion on here since. The TVF community may have been a little wary of accepting me (as I'm sure anyone around at the time will be aware of why), but three years down the line, I like to think that I've realised properly what TVF is, and how it is, and that I've been those days were very much behind me years ago (for the sake of the forumers Very Happy ). Thank you TV Forum, for giving me somewhere to share my intrest for great British television. Thank you to the forumers, the mods and of course Asa, for giving us all this brilliant community in the first place. And I would like to say how your services to the forum and allowing it all to be possible are very much appreciated by not just myself, but all of the forumers here.
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Yes, Happy Birthday TV Forum! 13 years? That's quite a scary thought. Thanks to everyone who contributes in their own way to the site. Although it gets a bit bumpy every now and then I'm still proud of much of the discussion on the site and many of the really interesting topics that come up.

So just a couple of suggestions going forward 1) if you're bored, take a trip around the archive and see how it all began and 2) please create a new topic if it warrants it!!

Here's to the teenage years...
Xalasaur12 posts since 1 Mar 2014
I have only just joined but I've been browsing for a long time (since the BBC News 2008 rebrand) and it has been interesting to read so many different things over the years, one that sticks in my mind was the digital switchover. Thanks to Asa and the Moderators for keeping this place going for 13 years, which I think is a long time for a website.