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Sha1a6 posts since 9 Apr 2005
Hey I am a new member to TV Forum, I own Xtreme LAN Hosting and have made an FTP space of 90GB for all of us to shear news media files in. please upload and download as you wish.

To access the FTP put ftp://xtreme-lan.game-host.org in to the address bar in your web browser hit enter and it will ask you for a username and password.

Username: news
Password: skyline

Once it has loaded just copy your news files in to the folder, or copy the ones you want to your PC/Laptop.

Hope you find this helpful

- Sha1a

Orry Verducci1,663 posts since 1 Feb 2005
Your very generous but I think most people will stick with their personal webspace or MrTomServo's upload service for now. Ideal for big stuff though Smile

And, last but not least, 90GB Shocked Are you mad? I can only dream of that. My PC only goes up to 80GB and a lot less for my webspace.
Sha1a6 posts since 9 Apr 2005
nope i ant mad i have way more space than that on my servers! like TB's of space. so please enjoy. if your are wanting free web space with no bandwith limit please take a look at www.xtreme-lan.com. im sure we can make a deal somin like 10GB of space.

Pete9,109 posts since 18 Jun 2001
I think this person just wants us to send him our files for his own use whilst pretending to offer a good service to us.

One could say it's mutton dressed as lamb.
cdd985 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Orry Verducci posted:
My PC only goes up to 80GB and a lot less for my webspace.

Buy yourself a Maxtor external hard drive 200G!