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Freeview (November 2008)

Hi everyone!

I have done a search, but can not find a thread about Freeview under 'Media Websites'!

Here, you can talk about anything you want, Freeview related from or anything in general about Freeview or Freeview+

I'll start a few topics off...
Arrow Freeview or Freeview+ ...What do you prefer?
Arrow What new channels, radio stations or interactive services would be good for the Freeview platform in the near future?
Arrow What do you think of the website - should it be laid out better or is it OK as it is?

Freeview (not related to the website, or Freeview at all - it's just my username name, that's all!!)
Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
I don't think people here need to be invited to join in a topic. If the need arises to discuss issues, then I'm sure relevant threads will be created as and when. If you can't find a thread, maybe no-one else has it in their priorities.

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