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Forgotten name of site....

(November 2014)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
There was a members site where you could upload video and audio- all tv and radio pres stuff. Sometimes scans of tv listings too- I can't remember what it's called or if it's still going. At first I thought mhp but not that.... Anyone help?
rob Founding member
i think they changed their registration process a couple of years ago and so you can only register for a new account if you have been invited by someone else. People do still upload to it and every so often you find a gem.

The MHP chat mailing list is also still going but postings have become less frequent over the last few years.
Aha that's it- many thanks- I looked at mhp but it seemed to escape my attention
A former member
Im not sure how current users can invited new people.

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