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.... Well not exactly TV Pres, but I know there are several, no loads, of Font obsessives here who might be interested in this App for the iPad

App of the Day: iFontMaker is a whole world of font designing fun

Font geeks will get a chilly shiver of delight when they first crack open iFontMaker, which claims to be the first dedicated font-making tool for iPad.

It's a simple, very easy to use (assuming the user is familiar with the basic principles of Photoshop tools) font-designing app. As you're designing, you can choose from one of 10 standard background fonts to use as a guide. Click on each letter of the alphabet in the top menu to choose a letter to edit, and select from brush, pen or pencil density before using your finger to draw each letters or number. When you've worked through the alphabet, letters 0-9 and some punctuation figures - you've got a whole alphabet in your own hand.


11-10-2010 @ 11:44