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Digital Vibe has uploaded a selection of sounds for your enjoyment. A properly designed page with graphics shall follow tomorrow, along with more content.


Thanks, AMS.
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Great, more of this stuff, I take it the more recent idents on the site are clean, ie music video and skateboarders but Haka for example is the music heard on the BBC one website. Well nice to see someone actually contributing to the Forum, like my failed website was intended to do Laughing Crying or Very sad

Cheers AMS, Well Done.

More, More, More - How about clean BBC News stuff? Razz Confused
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Barney Boo posted:
You have little excuse to roll your eyes at anyone, just so you can live out your own snowflake fantasies...

"Barney", he was just asking a simple question (albeit phrased in a puzzling way) asking whether or not the snowflake theme was going to be posted, probably for completeness. That doesn't make him a snowflake fantasiser, etc... Sometimes you need to lighten up, you appear to have a very short fuse, being pedantic over tiny little things.