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Anglia (East) Look East
(I have pro-eu and gay friends by the way ....)....

To be fair DigitalSpy is rough sometimes, but isn't as bad as usenet. uk.railway is an extreme example, inhabited by fascists who sometimes clash between themselves.

Most of my remoaner friends are doing their personal best to enhance the UK/France trade deficit by drinking large quantities of red wine. My euro-sceptic friends all now gave type-2 diabetes, so drink whisky spritsas and the like. Must be a boon to both the French and Scottish economies.

A decade or so ago TV Forum had a corrwspondent called 'Catherine' who was relentlessly bullied by sttrange people 'Mr Strawsons Sheep' (there's a story that involved the Belmont transmitter) often supported her. I hope that Catherine is doing well.
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Central (East) East Midlands Today
DS has been unusable on mobile the past 2 days thanks to dodgy redirect ads offering me phones, holidays and prepaid visa cards, while making my phone vibrate and shouting congratulations. They've been told about it, but haven't done anything to fix it, as usual. This keeps happening.
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