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BFGArmy548 posts since 15 Jan 2018
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"Gemma Collins: Three Times She Won Us Over".

Does this really belong on the BBC News Website?! It's not as if there's a lack of that sort of garbage elsewhere on the web.
Brekkie gave kudos
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It should be on the news beat if anything but your right... Ita utter crap.
DVB Cornwall8,909 posts since 4 Dec 2003
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Considering the amount spent on Super Bowl advertising, and the entertainment crossover in the event, The way that it directs Consumer Spending in the US directly with global overspill is highly relevant. That for a dull Monday in early February isn't atypical and in my view is quite a suitable lead for the Entertainment section today.
Night Thoughts272 posts since 24 Jan 2016
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Super Bowl ads are a (US) cultural phenomenon, so I can see why they did a piece - but it's in no way a lead story, and the childish "7 things we learned..." (who are "we" when most Britons don't give a toss?) listicle treatment grates.

The BBC News site has always dipped its toe - and sometimes waded right into - into these topics, but the treatment and prominence has completely changed.

I've got a feeling that the BBC's critics will soon see the job cuts at BuzzFeed, etc, which pioneered this kind of coverage, and start to put two and two together (whether this is justified or not).