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dvboy9,920 posts since 11 Jan 2003
Martin Phillp posted:

I have emailed you a short avi, where the presenter mentions her name.
But I sadly don't understand her first name.

I can't work it out either. Strange for EMT not to use a name aston during breakfast.

You could always email emt@bbc.co.uk
TVDragon2,799 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Her name is Priya Kaur Jones, and she was on this morning. Tut, you lot need to brush up on your Sikh names -- all baptised women are called Kaur and all men are called Singh as their second names, it means princess and lion I think.

Her surname shows quite clearly though that she *must* be Welsh.

She was apparently runner-up in 2001's Miss India UK
http://www.missindiaukevent.com/html/1st_runner_up.html etc. Says she's from Nottingham.
South Today2,752 posts since 10 Feb 2003
Lee Stanley posted:
She was indeed on this morning. Still couldn't make out the name though. Still no aston which is strange for EMT.

Its always a name check on the Breakfast Bulletins! And a name caption at lunchtime.
Rangdo245 posts since 5 Jan 2003
I think that site is freaky. It's only use is for blokes to toss off over the pics quite frankly and that makes me wonder about the person behind it!

You wouldn't find a woman putting a website together of male tv presenters they fancy - it's definitely a boy thing to do it.

Incidentally I know a couple of the women featured on it aren't that happy to be included in its pages...... after all they are doing a serious job and didn't go into TV to be turned into a glamour model.
A former member
Disgusting and downright degrading. If ever a website turns the porridge cold, then it's this one.