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Cheers, Asa

Just a few words to show we are grateful... (January 2007)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
B.E. El-Zebub
What is this? 20 questions?!

Anyway, it certainly sounds Jamez-like to me. All the references to homosexuals and BBC sycophants are very familiar.

There's just something about the combination of eloquence, bigotry and the sneering tone that smells very Trout-like to me.
Nick Harvey Founding member
It is a fact of life that you need to have studied a style thoroughly and know it very well before you can write in it.
Nick Harvey posted:
Hymagumba posted:
was it Nick Harvey.


Hymagumba posted:
Or the person who posted the link originally.


Johnny83 posted:
Do you know who wrote it then Nick?


It's like a game of 'Guess Who?'

Does the winner get a prize?
A former member
or was it Mrs maple in the drawing room with a piece chalk and miss scarlet show everything? Laughing

at least most of us think Asa is doing a good job:
tvmercia Founding member
i think it was katherine
Pete Founding member
nah, more the work of spiring unhacked
Many thanks to Asa and the team, for making the website such a brilliant one!
It is indeed a good forum, and many thanks to Asa for his commitment and to the Mods for their vigilence.

The insane rantings of a bitter and twisted ex-forumer is rather sad. They obviously didn't leave voluntarily!

It would be interesting to know how many of the original members are still here. I joined nearly 4 years ago and thoroughly enjoy the banter with most on here. Every forum has its share of idiots, but thankfully they don't last long on here.

I wasn't aware of a predominance of homosexual tennage males on here. It's not a requirement for havng a passion for TV presentation is it?

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