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Brazilian / International Channel presentation

(August 2001)

Viakenny World News
I already have the tapes and the capture card... now... it's time 4 building it...
Videos I already have:
Cable Channels:
MTV: all presentation since 03.2001
Canal FOX: all presentation since late 2000
RTP Internacional: All Idents, new promos and 'Telejornal' presentation.

Broadcast channels:
Globo: Rio de Janeiro, World and Olympic idents, with v/o of rating or programme.
SBT: new promos, following CBS style, 20th anniversary ident, clean and rating v/o versions.
Brilliant...I'm looking forward especially to the Brazilian TV Idents...another part of world TV presentation!

Edit: corrected some dodgy grammar!

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Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
I certainly agree with you there, Michael!

Viakenny, I'll be most interested in seeing how Brazilian tv presentation works.

Keep us all posted!

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