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Cataloging and Indexing the Sounds of Television (June 2019)

Jimmyson World News
I'm not one to really show my face every now and then. And have kept quite for several year since my stint in the Gallery. I've often been lurking on the Request forums (and watching the Metropol Upload index), keeping my ear to the ground on new uploads and shares of news music.

Spurred on by the Grinchmas of 2018, and the sudden resurgence of BBC Music Indexing that has been happening for the last few months, I thought I might want to tackle a problem that I too had been facing for years.

Thanks to one notable member to had decided to index (and create) a download catalog of the BBC Themes (with varying degrees of success). I wanted to take slightly different approach to the problem.

My problem statement was the following..

Can I guarantee that I don't already own a copy of this sound sample, and is it a better quality that I already have?

Inspired by what I had seen with the MusicBrainz platform for recorded audio, I wanted to do something similar with these TV jingles.
So for the last 2 and a half months, I have been coding away at a small ASP.Net application called BeepBong (No prizes for guessing where the name came from.


This moderate application that should help catalogue, index and (hopefully) identify Audio TV Samples.
This has been a pet project that I have been working on in my spare time from work, and it is far from done, but thankfully is now in a state where it can be considered usable.

Just to be clear: this program is not to be used for sharing or distributing audio sample content. Only metadata. Partially in the case for Library music as per TV Forum's definition of Library Music.

There are still some loose ends need to sort out such as the following (taken from my Issues page):
- Having a Bulk Entity Creator (for editing child items to a Track List)
- Having a User Management System (to prevent unwelcome modifications)
- Implementing Audio Fingerprinting (to identify samples)
- Docker Support (for those who want a personal database)

The code is open source, so feel free to contribute to it. I do welcome suggestions and further discussions on this project.
Jimmyson World News
Hi everyone!

Since the 1st of June, I have continued to make improvements to the platform.
- Added Checks for the presence of an existing entity in the database
- Added Validation to Web UI for Broadcaster and Programme Web UI View Models
- Add support for Export without Images (to reduce output file size)
- Various fixes

To get some people started with a Generic Collection, here is a collection file that can be imported using the XML Import program. It includes several broadcasters, channels, tracks-lists, programmes and links between each.
Bail Moderator Meridian (South) South Today
I applaud the level of skill here, I wonder if a shared "live" version could be setup as I suspect the technical level to implement personal installations of this might be higher than we're used to here.
Jimmyson World News
Thanks for the feedback Bail!
I'll make this my top priority.

One of my concerns would be data vandalism once a 'live' version is made, so expect some form of User Management to be implemented.

I'll also look into contained solutions like Docker so that users can have a local solution setup without the hassle of manually building the platform.

16 days later

Jimmyson World News
This user management will have to take some time.
I've spent the last week or so looking into what "Identity" can do for me, as it is so robust.
But now comes the question of how can I customise, and what features to I want to implement, and what users would expect.

Anyone have any ideas on what they would expect from a platform this like? (I.E.: Two Factor Auth, Usernames, External Sign-ins)

18 days later

When can we expect to see BeepBong officially released?
Jimmyson World News
I've been hit on some hard times personally, and I am struggling to find time to do more development.
Once User Management is sorted, I will then focus on getting the platform potentially hosted somewhere.

55 days later

Jimmyson World News
Hi everyone.

Been some time since my last update.
I've been struggling to find time to get around to making any progress on this.
After coming back from an overseas holiday 4 weeks ago, I've been unable to find a suitable routine where I can make further improvements to the platform before officially releasing it, but having no formal roadmap makes a difficult challenge harder to plan.

This project is way too ambitious. I've been wanting a system that would not only list tracks used for program, but identify links between programs and packages, variations in the packages, program chronology, and finally audio track identification.
All this whilst trying to learn new Web Technologies that I have never touched in my life, and panic when there is very little public tutorials on how the technology would fit in with my chosen design.

I want to get something out there, so yesterday I decided to start a new project from scratch, and build a far more simple application that will focus on thing: Package Tracklists.
A simple application where users will create and list out every single track in a package.

Keep it simple, and I can move up from there. I would hope to take the learning from this application and apply it to the main BeepBong application. Aim to get an understanding of how the underlying technology works and to receive some ideas from the user base.

Once I have the foundation and functionally down, I can then think about having it deployed.

28 days later

Jimmyson World News
A random update!

I have now deployed out a cut down version of the application.
Seeing this is my first ever deployment to a remote hosting platform, I was questioning a lot of things.
So for now, the cut down version is out in the public to be used.

I don't have the fancy features illustrated from the screenshots above, but I want to see where this goes.
Start simple. Gather feedback and iterate from there.
There is no auditing and data protection for now.

Feel free to try it out.

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