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Jenny1,372 posts since 28 Mar 2001
How big is BBC Genome, and how practical would it be to back the whole lot up? The BBC makes a habit of ploughing resources into big projects like that, announcing them with much fanfare, then wiping them from existence... the Desert Island Discs database and Domesday Reloaded, for example. It seems to me that the chances of Genome still being around in five years are pretty much zero and somebody should be mirroring it before it vanishes.
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Neil Jones4,178 posts since 23 Dec 2001
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Domesday has only been taken down fairly recently in fact the most recent Google Cache suggests it was still there two days ago on the 18th. It appears in the Wayback Machine though multiple times, since it wasn't updated since the end of 2011.

With regards to Desert Island Discs, I presume the database you refer is the list of the castaways? That's here:

Or was there something else?