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Seems there has been some demand at the shop since the closure was announced:

BBC Shop Email posted:
Dear Customer,

We're contacting you with regards to your recent BBC Shop order(s) listed below:

We have experienced unprecedented demand over the last few days and as a result many of our product lines have gone out of stock very quickly. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to fulfill some of the items in your order.

We are currently working through the order cancellations and refunding customers (in cases where payment has already been taken), however this will not be completed until around Wednesday 16th March.
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I think that's down to the cuts on the remaining stock. There was also a recent 25% off day just before the closure was announced.

EDIT: Some titles are up to 80% off. Managed to get Doctor Foster for £5.99 and Sherlock Series 3 for £6.
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Have a hunch that closing the 'iPlayer Loophole' has put a spanner in the Connected TV access of Store content. How? If you've bought content on the Store, you're free to use as and how you want. Having to have a licence to access a method of playing this content seems to be a little controversial. I suspect that we'll need to wait for stand-alone apps, whenever that'll happen I don't know.
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I just bought some stuff on the BBC store, the picture is cropped badly. Text is cut off etc. How hard can it be, don't they watch it to make sure it is ok, shoddy, Its watchable.
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