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Interesting snippet.

Seems the BBC might next year launch spinoff stations, on BBC Sounds only, there is of course a precedent for this with CBeebies Radio, but launching spinoffs of Radios 1, 1xtra, 2 and 3 with the license fee furore still bubbling will be controversial to say the least. The Commercial sector will huff and puff.

According to this arcticle
Ofcom are already being consulted and might approve if these stations are not Broadcast OTA, and only available 'online' in all it's guises.

It's an interesting one to monitor into 2020. It also answers why there appears to be a move to launch BBC Sounds on Connected Devices early next year too.

They could easily just automate it and run it as a web stream through a server.

They don’t need to have DJs or spend any real money on these spinoff stations.
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I'm imagining that there'll be elements of curated archive material, linking content already available on Sounds but they'll also need some element of 'new' material. I'd expect a 'jukebox' overnight service, if indeed the 'services' are intended to go 24/7. A Radio 2 service could see typically Bob Harris' Country show repeated but in an extended format.

A BBC Radio 3 Timeshifted Proms Station would work well during the festival replaying primetime evening concerts during the daytime and the late evening and lunchtime concerts in the primetime slot. Curated Proms feature shows of which there thousands in the archives could pad it out.

There are a number of genres and formats that the BBC don't cover well which could see this work for them.

But I'll add the rider that a major expansion does seem at odds with all we've heard about BBC Finances from 2020 onwards.