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James Welsh on Digital Spy posted:
BBC New Media today announced changes to the BBC's website as the corporation continues its transformation ahead of Charter Renewal.

"This is all about focusing our investment so that we can best use our funding to reach and delight the largest audiences with the most distinctive and original content," said Ashley Highfield, BBC director of new media and technology. "It is about preparing ourselves for the broadband world. In order to free up the required funding we need to behave more like Television and Radio. In other words, decommission, reduce funding or archive web content that no longer needs this level of investment or which may have become amply supplied by the market."

The US Sport and Legacies parts of will be closed entirely. Funding for Cult TV will be cut, except for Doctor Who. The website's lifestyle section will operate "with a more modest investment." Other changes will be made to the Where I Live regional sites, where comprehensive local listings will no longer be printed, and also to the Films section, which will be retooled to showcase new talent.

The changes are expected to save 6m, which will be reinvested in projects such as the Creative Archive, iMP and iCan.

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Looks like there's going to be some more slicing and dicing going on at, but have they picked the right sections to close/downsize? I don't personally make use of any of those sections, but I can see that there are many people out there who do. It's a shame for people to lose these, especially as I believe that they are seen as "safe" because they are provided by the BBC, as opposed to some random online company or commercial operation.
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Nope, the BBC have become a content provider recently and I don't think cutting them down and giving more investment to more social projects is the way forward as it'll become as staid as your local community centre's website.