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BBC Idents (May 2010)

tesandco Founding member Granada North West Today
I'll just add that the URL he gives is a "fake" one. This is the real URL:

Easy then to copy URLs to sub-pages. Basically here: (Links) you have only one link, and it's to... here. Why not add links to other major TV sites, such as TV Live, TV Ark, The TV Room, TV Whirl, This is Five and t|v|a?

Yes I will add them links to my site

Please don't add me on there, thanks! Laughing
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Links have been added.
rob Founding member Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
Or are you just trying to show off that you've got a TV Capture card

To be fair, that's why I started TV Live Wink

As for this site, it looks rather dull. Just a load of screenshots, and outdated logos.
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tomo359 Border (England)
What's going on with the homepage? Mainly the top banner with the logos, some which aren't used any more, are being repeated, with the sites name stuck over the top!

Like others have said, BBC don't use that BBC One logo anymore, firstly now the 'One' is in lower case, and they hardly ever use the box logo, they normally use this:

Also on the image pages, why such huge gaps between images? And to make any sort of impact you really need more than two images per ident!

13 days later

I am having some problems with the domain name ( I am working on it now to try and get it fixed.

steddenm UTV Newsline
A "dot.TK" (or .tk) web address needs to have a number of views a month otherwise .tk will disconnect it. Find out more by searching for Dotty TK on Facebook.
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Yes I have just found that out but thanks tell me. It was fault I was messing around and I have may click on something.

It's back and working.


9 days later

I have Changed the website Address from to

Thank you
BBC Idents has a New Skin. Check it Out and See what you think of it.

This is ridiculous.
dbl London London
Indeed, at least retain the aspect ratio of a capture.
The .tk domain links to this website : . You should have just put a message on the hompage saying that the domain will expire soon.

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