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Isonstine posted:

What a fantastic find - that really is fab.

Stereo sound eh? Whatever next Laughing

I love the fact they mention the prospect of HDTV in the house of the 90s but they were showing a 4:3 TV. If only they knew! Perhaps they didn't want to scare the public by the weird shape!

Just noticed the date that the report was broadcasted, 2nd Nov 1988. This was one day after the largest UK research of televisual habits were made under the guise of "One Day In The Life of Television" The findings were made into a book and a programme made by Yorkshire was transmitted on the 1st Nov 1989.
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Noticed a couple of weeks or so ago these were now all available, and first took a look at #44, naturally - plenty of really interesting reading to be had. I must say Kudos to the folks who've helped get this collection online! Very Happy
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Very good collection indeed, it's just a shame the software used to convert the scans into proper text on the PDF's has messed up a lot of the pictures in all the ones I've looked at.