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BBC Computer Literacy Project website

146 of the original Computer Literacy Project programmes plus 120 related programmes (November 2020)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
johnnyboy Founding member
"In the 1980s, the BBC explored the world of computing in The Computer Literacy Project. They commissioned a home computer (the BBC Micro) and taught viewers how to program.

The Computer Literacy Project chronicled a decade of information technology and was a milestone in the history of computing in Britain, helping to inspire a generation of coders.

This site contains all 146 of the original Computer Literacy Project programmes plus 120 related programmes, broken down into 2,491 categorised, searchable clips.

Watch any of the 266 programmes
Explore 2,491 programme clips by topic or text search
Find out how the BBC Computer Literacy Project came about
Run 166 BBC Micro programs that were used on-screen"


Amazing website - it'll be of particular interest to:

• those forum members like me who were fascinated by the primitive computers in the 1980s and who are aged 40+ and
• those forum members with an interest in 1980s TV production values.

A handful of these programmes are available on the standard iPlayer service but there are 266 full-length programmes on this archive.

I remember watching Ian McNaught Davis and the crew on Sunday mornings with my Dad entranced at the advance of technology.

I hope you all enjoy.
Neil Jones Founding member
Ah, the days of:

10 PRINT "Hello World!"
20 GOTO 10


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