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(July 2001)

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All movies now work, along with more general information about 2000 Today, and more at the NEW URL: still exists, but just redirects you to the new site.

So visit!  Please!  And PLEASE leave a message in my Guestbook!

Thank you!

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21st July 2001:
Updated, with more movies and more images than ever, plus transcripts and a cool new icon! (he he!)
Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
Well done with that Mark! Love the new downloads.

(The 'BBC ONE Ident with Fire Ident music' links to 2000-1 titles though)

Cheers, Asa
Pete Founding member STV North Reporting Scotland
if you clcik the picture of the balloon it works.

I like that one, they should have kept it like that with the music and use the dome ident more often
BBC Choice
Hymagumba, 'Love the new downloads especialy that trailer.', if you mean the 2000 Today 'Wherever you are, whatever you're doing' one (TodayTrailer.rm), you'll be pleased to know I've just this second uploaded the higher-res version with clearer music and sharper graphics, plus no clock aston!

All other movie-related bugs fixed (18:11, 22.07.01)

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Kevin h
Great to see all that midnight stuff again.

Good Work! Well Appreciated!
BBC Choice
Another update in the wee hours of this morning!

This one includes a couple of new chit-chat videos, some more images in the new-look photo gallery, and something new in the audio gallery!

The site also now has a brand new Forum as well as the Guestbook, plus a new 'Tell A Friend' service.

So stop wasting your time reading this and start wasting your time at my website!!
2000 Today
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8th August 2001: New update!
A couple more movies have been added, including the introductory credits and prologue by David Dimbleby.
Also this update, I have included the full BBC schedule for the day.

PLEASE use the guestbook - and also the new forum!  I'd also appreciate feedback E-mails!  It gives me something to do when I'm bored!

So give it a visit!

EDIT: The update box on the homepage says there are two new files in the audio gallery - unfortuantely these did not upload as they should have, so I deleted the files and reverted to the previous version of the audio gallery - they will be up next time though!

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