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The next update of my site will be some time in the next week or so... I'm trying to get it all done before I go to Italy next Friday (alright for some, eh!).
There are very few good websites about 2000 Today on the Internet apart from Andrew Wood's Greek TV site. So I decided to change this trend and introduced my UNOFFICIAL 2000 TODAY WEBSITE! It started with very little content, but I now have almost full photo gallerys, with still image shots from the day; an audio gallery with the music from the Idents; plus a movie gallery (which isn't working properly, but all the movies are there!!) with RealMovies from the day, including the Idents, the 2000 Today BBC News Ident and more!

Also I now have a BBC 2000 News Ident desktop image (in 800x600 res) which is downloadable from the main photo gallery page

So what are you waiting for? Give my site a quick visit and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a message in the Guestbook! It's looking a bit empty at the moment!

Thank you very much and HAPPY SURFING!
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All the best with the site, Mark - and enjoy your trip to Italy.

I would love to have done the same with 2000 Today on my site, but unfortunately a combination of the wrong aerial and (even worse and completely stupidly) the wrong channel on the video, I recorded over 8 hours of fuzzy and distorted ANT1 instead of ET1! (Plus I was too 'under the weather' the next day to manage to record the rest!)

One thing that peed me off, though, was that I went and bought the 2000 Today music CD, only for it not too include the very piece of music I was after. It's too difficult to describe, but it's the full length version of the music playing in the background of this trailer (47k) - if you know what it is, please let me know!

ERT 2000 Today at

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