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I came across this site a while ago. It's a special site dedicated to how TV news broke - it mostly focuses on US TV {NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN) but it does have some clips from US Spanish TV, Newsworld International, BBC World, CCTV, NTV (Russia), and, interestingly, Iraq.

Here's the URL: Television Archive

They've put together a video collage of different networks' coverage
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Watching the video was, for me, pretty powerful. The montage runs about a half-hour.
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dbfriends on 1:31 am on Jan. 6, 2002
Just watched the full BBC World video... very difficult viewing. When did Nik Gowing take over from that woman whose name I don't know?

I think the presenter on at the time of the crash was Nisha Pillai.


Image from InformativosTV