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Wot's the LG 43UM7600PLB 43" TV like?

Buying a sony or LG? (September 2019)

Hi I hope this is the right forum? I'm saving up for a new TV and i would like to know what this model is like?

I have looked at Currys PC world and they are selling it at £499, they also charge £45 delivery and set up.

I've also looked at Richer Sounds who charge £419 for a LG 43UM7500PLA but have now been told they won't set it up for me.

So I am now looking at John Lewis to see what they got as they do a 5yr warrenty. With Currys/PC World I would have to pay £2 a month to know how with Currys PC World.

can you tell me where i would get the better deal please? PC World, or John Lewis?

Sorry to ask. And also if LG are very good? I did consider the Sony Bravia as my parents have one, but apparently LG make the same 4K screens for Sony?
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We allowed one of these types of topics to slide but this really isn’t the site for TV reviews. DigitalSpy or a consumer review site may be more suitable.

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