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Where in the world are new TV studios being built?

All of those things are quite significant! Plus connectivity.
Joe posted:
Plus connectivity.
Although of course connectivity isn't completely necessary - quite a few studios don't have permanent active lines and rely on satellite uplinks when they do live programmes.
Of course – but it’s one of several things a ‘proper’ studio might have.
I had a look at Pebble Mill shortly before demolition and wondered whether TV studios like that are dinosaurs nowadays or are they still being built in other countries. I then also remembered that Birmingham had lost another huge TV studio when the old ATV / Central studio closed and was replaced with the new Gas Street studio which only really exists for local news. More recently, TLS have closed.

Have any TV studios comparable in size been built in approximately the last 10 years in other countries, that are either completely new or a significant expansion of an existing TV studio?

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MartinK Meridian (South) South Today
I think some people are confusing TV studios with sound stages that are used to film TV drama. The main differences are that a TV studio has a flat resin floor, control rooms for production, lighting and sound and a lighting grid that enables rapid re-lighting between and during shows. This is usually either motorised bars (eg MediaCity, TV Centre, Sky Studios, Riverside) or monopoles in a slotted grid (eg Elstree 8 and 9, Pinewood TV-one and TV-two.) Some TV shows are made in 4-wallers using an OB truck or flyaway kit but that doesn't really make them TV studios.

Anyway, to answer the question - Riverside have just re-opened with 2 brand new TV studios and the old Granada Studios are being refurbished and will re-open in 2021. Twickenham has also just built a suite of control rooms enabling multicamera shows to be made on one of its stages. All this will partly make up for those studios lost at TV Centre, TLS, Teddington and Fountain in recent years. The Sky Studios being built in Borehamwood, the Littlewoods Studios, the new ones coming in Ashford and Reading etc are not TV studios. They are film stages that will be used for TV drama.

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