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New streaming services owned by Warner Brothers Studios (TWC and AT&T) (June 2019)

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The Wall Street Journal have been publishing price leaks for WarnerMedia which is the new streaming service provided from Warner Brothers Studios. Reports suggest that the monthly price for this new service could be priced between $16 & $17 per month.

In the U.S. it could be bundled with other services HBO GO, Cinemax, Warner Brothers TV shows & movies. There is also speculation online which says that the current future of the DC Universe streaming service, which is owned by Warner Brothers, is being 'reassessed by the Studio' at this time.

DC Universe, which is a barely new streaming service, offers shows & movies that include comic book characters all of the Justice League characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman & all of the villains from Suicide Squad, Lex Luthor, Riddler, Two Face and so forth. It offers an online DC comic book archive vault, online web store & DC discussion forums for fans & supporters for all of DC's content. There is also a daily news show provided called DC Daily which is offered for it's fans on DC Universe website & on DC's own official Youtube channel.

Some bad news happened recently when some of it's executives decided to abruptly cancel one of their new exclusive DC Universe shows. It's new show was called Swamp Thing. It had been recently cancelled by WB after only one episode was aired on the service. It was originally meant to have 13 episodes in it's first season. It's now been reduced to 10 episodes for it's first season. Things had changed quite dramatically when the production team of the show got some recent bad news from authorities in North Carolina.

The state government there had failed to give WB a $40 million tax break which was meant to cover the show's budget for WB. Unfortunately due to some errors in administration procedures when they were filming this show; this studio only got $13 million back from the tax break. To make matters worse; the show budget's went into a $26 million over run which meant they had to halt production after it finished filming it's first season.

Some progress has been made on renewing other DC Universe shows recently.

Titans got recently renewed for a 2nd season which is due to go out later this year. The team on Doom Patrol hasn't been given any word yet about whether it's own show is getting renewed for another season.

In the UK all of these shows & movies from WB are scattered around on different streaming services.

The new DC Universe shows are available on Netflix outside of the USA. The rest of Warner Brothers services are offered on other services. People living in the UK could question WB on why they would own two streaming services instead of just having one service that offers a curated catalogue from it's own studio vaults.

Disney is currently offering a really good price & strategy here for any upcoming customers by offering their catalogue along with other properties from Fox Network, Marvel Studios, Star Wars & Pixar. Why did WB waste time with launching DC Universe in the USA while not offering this idea of offering WarnerMedia as a single streaming service to any incoming customers straight away? Also what would people here think of another new streaming service like WarnerMedia coming into the UK market. Would it not split the streaming market in the UK even more than it is necessary because of lack of content available on other streaming services?
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DC Universe isn't just movies and TV shows, it's also comics as well so I could see the TV and movies moving to the streaming service and DC Universe repositioned as a DC version of Marvel Unlimited.

34 days later

The new WarnerMedia streaming service is to be renamed as HBO Max. It will initially launch in the U.S. only from the spring of 2020.

It will have all or a selection of the Warner Brothers & HBO content available on the service as shown in the trailer & more.

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