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Not according to that spec.


UHD 2160/50 and 59.94p 10-bit HEVC and HDMI 2.0 output is quite easy to find at a low price point these day in a media player platform.

AMLogic SoCs in the S9xx series do it with no problem. I have a couple of S905 platforms (Wetek Hub, ODroid C2, MiniMX) that all run LibreElec (the Hub also has proper DRM for Netflix HD - but not UHD - in Android) and play 2160/59.94 or 50p HEVC stuff no problem at all. None of these have DVB tuners built in but a USB or Network delivered stream works fine.

There is a Wetek Play 2 coming with integrated DVB-T/T2/C tuner or DVB-S/S2 too. The Wetek models use a variant of the S905 better suited to DVB streams than the others.
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If I'm not mistaken, there's no clear indication as to whether or not the tablet will offer the same limited service that the TV Anywhere app offers, or if it'll offer full functionality similar to the Sky Q mini box. If it's the former, then Virgin are essentially just selling an Android tablet.
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To update this topic - existing customers are getting the V6s fitted either in late December and January.

Now I won't say much about the design - it's dwarfed aesthetically by the original TiVo, but I was adamant that it would be faster than the original.

It is - I've tried out a V6 box at the local Virgin store in my high street, and it is far more seamless and fast compared to the original TiVo with regards to the original UI. I found browsing the TV guide and launching the menu to be speedy for the most part. The on demand menus are leaps and bounds faster on the V6.

Compare to my initial use of the original TiVo back a few months ago, where browsing some of the menus and iPlayer took an eternity.
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Regarding the ability to download recordings to watch on the Virgin TV Anywhere app do have to be on the same network as your TiVo at the time you download them?

Or can you connect to your TiVo to download them from anywhere?