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VHS Copy degradation

YT video (December 2015)

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DVB Cornwall
Not seen this 2008 YT video before, some here might like to observe how re-recording VHS sourced material over 23 generations sees the content disappear and when the distinct stages of loss of detail and features occur .....

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Very interesting, but somehow eerie. Glad we've switched to Digital.
London Lite and Nathan gave kudos
The music is oddly fitting. The video is 'fading like a flower' as you go through the generations.
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Paul Clark
Especially enjoyed the demonstration of this on Channel 4 - using familiar bit of material - from 1991's The Secret Life of Machines... Skip to around 21:00:

dbl posted:
Very interesting, but somehow eerie. Glad we've switched to Digital.

Yes, that's one thing about digital- as long as you're just directly copying the footage, and not doing any sort of conversion and transcoding you can copy something a million times and it will still be exactly the same as the original.

All familar though, I have a VHS tape full of low quality multi-gen copies of old pres material that I was sent around 2004-ish!
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Neil Jones Founding member
Fascinating, though why anybody would want to do 23 generations of a VHS tape in the first place is beyond me but there you go.

Must watch that Channel 4 clip in full at some point, as that looks interesting as well. Thanks!
Just like I imagine Alzheimer's slowly takes away the memories of a beloved Sad

9 days later

That's cheered me up no end.

Anyway, influenced by Hunkin I once did the same with some flash ident animations I stuck on a tape, was quite fun for a bit.

58 days later

Speaking on Hunkin, I was at London Zoo a couple of weeks back, and there's a clock he designed outside the bird house there. Though the fact it was running 15 minutes slow doesn't speak too well for it...
Inspector Sands
The last time I was at the Science Museum they still had an exhibition based on The Secret Life of Machines in the basement
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Yes, that's still there as well. Unless they've got rid of it in the past 11 days since I was last there anyway!

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