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I’d love it if they could get old series of Have I Got News for You, the kind of thing that doesn’t warrant a commercial release and hasn’t been repeated on TV in years (Dave don’t go very far back with their repeats now). I know they’re all on Dailymotion but they have pretty ropey quality.

The Very Best of HIGNFY DVD they released shortly before Angus was fired is still my favourite DVD as it has hours of highlights in chronological order with full, uninterrupted commentary from Ian & Paul.
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The Guardian is reporting that Channel 4 will provide programmes for Britbox:


Channel 4 has signed up to provide programmes for the streaming service BritBox, the Guardian understands, meaning shows from all the UK’s main television channels will be available through one catch-up outlet for the first time.
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A lack of platform availability kills it for me at launch. I have Sky Q, Android TV and a PS4 connected to my TV and it's available on none of them. Not even Chromecast functionality in the app.

It is however the sort of subscription I would consider getting to share with other family members. Are there any details about number of concurrent users/profiles?
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Here's a link to every show / film available on Britbox at launch.


In terms of brand new content they have an Australian drama series 'Lambs of God' and are premiering 2 new episodes of Midsomer Murders.

Most of which are available on GOLD, Iplayer, ITV Hub, Talking Pictures and Film 4

Are you going to sign up or are you just going to pick holes in the offering?