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Yep, there would be such negative publicity if the BBC were to premier a new episode/show on BritBox first - it was bad enough with the Twitterati getting their pitchforks out for the BBC over Killing Eve S2 before realising it was a commercial production.

ITV could be in a position to do it, as would presumably independents who couldn't get a shot on linear TV. It may actually help broadcasters because of something goes viral on the platform then it could then be broadcast on BBC/ITV.

I guess the service doesn't need to be the next Netflix, just pay for itself and tick over with subscribers - after all it is simply meant to be an additional revenue stream like VHS and DVDs before it.

Really hope they get the best from the tech teams at iPlayer and Hub involved to make it a good user experience. Funny to think where we might be now if Kangaroo had been allowed all those years ago.
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Would ITV be willing to put Emmerdale/Corrie on there a day ahead of the ITV broadcast, or more likely a BritBox specific "straight to video" style special.

I just can't see it taking off really - I don't get round to watching most things on Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime or indeed the BBC iPlayer, so aren't going to add another to the mix. ITV aren't really going to have much to offer beyond what they offered on Encore, though I guess they could leverage the power of Love Island and put the international versions and former seasons on there. A bold thing would be to put their winter season there (as CBS did one year with Big Brother when launching All Access), but even ITV aren't going to risk what is their biggest cash cow at the moment for a fledgling service.

They also of course have to get the service out there too - even if it will be available via Freeview Play, Sky and Virgin Media I suspect it won't be added to older Smart TVs.
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