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I see channel 4 made comments it would like to join the scheme.
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It seems that there's a spat between the BBC and ITV over the BBC's plans to extend iPlayer availability and the effects of that on Britbox UK as initially envisaged.

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I'm confused as to the funding of this. I read the other day that only ITV is offering to invest money whereas the BBC is just supplying content? If the Beeb is intent on keeping said content on iPlayer for a year then if I were ITV I'd be pissed too.
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There's a demand for technical quality, that's what I hope Britbox will provide with video on a par with iTunes purchases and offering 4KUHD content too. That'll outdo iPlayer and ITVHub. That'll bring cash in.

I hope it's better than iTunes quality in the frame rate department. I've not seen any native iTunes Store content that has been >30Hz image rate?

iPlayer goes to 2160p50 HDR, and offers 720p50 for SDR HD content... iTunes stuff seems to be limited to 2160p24? (Maybe 30).
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Very few streaming services seem to offer 50/60p streaming, even the big "premium" ones like Netflix and Prime, it's one of the things that really annoys me about them, especially when they're offering content like sport.

Netflix have the capability - their own test stuff is streamed at 60p. (Search for their test short 'Sparks')

I've not seen anything - yet - on Amazon Prime video that suggests they have a 50p or 60p workflow. I can't imagine they aren't considering it seriously now that they have so much sport.

Eurosport not running at 50Hz is incredibly disappointing though. It's almost as if they want streaming to be 'second class' compared to linear... (Like Sky presumably, for NowTV)