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Fluffy Bunny Feet440 posts since 11 Mar 2003
It's a bit strange how Christmas specials of shows are listed separately than the main run. One Foot In The Grave being an example, which is also missing the 97 xmas special despite having the others.

It might be as they were originally released. 'One Foot In The Grave' sounds like my original DVD boxed set where some but not all xmas specials are on separate discs.
Interceptor834 posts since 20 Oct 2014
I've enjoyed the throwback childrens content they've added, but there's nowhere near enough there to justify its own existance.

Also the fact that Thunderbirds is cropped to 16:9 and the other Supermarionation series seem to be using the 2001 SD masters rather than the recent HD masters is annoying.

If more of this content appears, I will perhaps pay the £5.99 price tag.