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No Time to Die - Delayed James Bond film.

Change of plan - streaming now suggested. (October 2020)

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Look at the dates, My MR piece is four days on from the EW one.
Look at the dates, My MR piece is four days on from the EW one.

Deadline (who are one of the bigger industry trades) reported on the streaming rumours and indeed lack of any sale on the 24th - as of now it’s likely the most accurate about the current state of play.
I wonder if it was released on streaming that would have been the knell for some cinemas. The delay in release has been cited as a major reason why Cineworld have closed entirely for months and many Odeons are only open at weekends, but I imagine they were at least hoping to make money once the film was finally released. If it doesn't get released into cinemas, or only does after several months of streaming, that could be a real problem.
EON will not release it for streaming before a cinema release. Barbara Broccoli has said so herself, it will not happen. They have the veto on the whole streaming issue, cos they own the films. MGM and Universal are just the distributors here, so ultimately, they can't do anything without EON's approval.

The death knell of cinemas has been talked about since the original lockdown began, and honestly, I could not see it happening before this pandemic, but the chances of it happening now are very real, and it would be an absolute shame to lose what few remaining cinemas we have.

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