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Spurious Sky PPV charges?

(April 2017)

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Hello everyone,

This morning I noticed my regular Sky direct debit was over £20 more expensive than normal - ringing them up expecting them to say my offer had expired, it was in fact due to a Pay Per View boxing match.

Except, I didn't order it, and nobody in my house ordered it - and as my near 20 years as a Sky customer, I have never ordered a PPV sporting event, or indeed, watched any sport on any channel, premium or otherwise.

The agent on the phone said it was purchased through the box for viewing at a specific time - a time when I wasn't even at home. After some haggling, they did eventually credit my account.

However, the experience has left me a little concerned - there really, really isn't any way this could have happened in the way Sky said it could (go through purchase on the box, type the pin, confirm, etc)

I've changed my pin, sky password, even my WiFi password (box is connected to internet), pretty much all I can do - has anything like this ever happened to any of you?
harshy Founding member
That is weird reminds me of the incident was someone was messing with the sky remote and ordered a WWE pay per view whilst I was on a night out, then I got a ring saying that he's watching the pay per view for free Rolling Eyes

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