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mapperuo65 posts since 20 Feb 2016
STV North Reporting Scotland
Generally speaking they do use 16e:

Sky use 11080 H-11188 H, They are always 9999 symbol rate unless it's en election when they half it to 4999 to fit more in.

BBC use 12670 V - 12750 V - You'll find some at 2399 symbol rate, 4798 and 7199. They occasionally also use 16APSK for their HD SNGs.

I've seen BBC, especially BBC Scotland, still use 12.5w. Sky generally stick to 16e but for big events like Elections they do rent more space elsewhere.
scottishtv1,515 posts since 6 Nov 2001
STV Central Reporting Scotland
I noticed there were a few sat trucks (and a radio car) used as props on drama The Moorside, for a court scene on Tuesday night's airing:



I'd assumed the BBC must've come to some sort of arrangement with ITV to book a couple of their branded vehicles for filming purposes, but then I realised it was actually an ITV Studios production for the BBC - so it was probably the other way round!
thegeek3,985 posts since 1 Jan 2002
London London
after some Googling... it appears that the large leaf sculpture is outside Bradford Crown Court, which means the dishes are pointing in the right sort of direction for Eutelsat 7A or 16A, which are often used by UK broadcasters for news feeds.

from dishpointer.com

Also, that's the old ITV logo on those trucks - attention to detail, or have they just not rebranded them yet? Smile