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Ne1L C366 posts since 11 Sep 2011

My parents setup has an unusual issue. Whenever a light is switched on both the Sky+ box shows a blue screen for a few seconds and stops recording or downloading if its doing so and their plusnet router powers down and takes 15-20 mins to re-initialise. This happens 3-4 times day and its maddening.

Has anyone had a similar thing happen and if they have is there a solution?

Many thanks.
davidhorman1,780 posts since 8 Mar 2005
Channel Channel Islands

It wasn't the power. It was a dodgy HDMI cable! Shocked I switched it for a SCART and it solved the problem. Very Happy

Dodgy HDMI something , but not necessarily the cable. I'd suggest getting the electrics looked at. Not worth the risk if there is a problem.

Is the satellite feed, by any chance, a communal one? I.e. your parents don't have their own dish?