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They want you to rent, it’s not an interim change, it’s a permanent change. No other pay TV provider allows you to buy equipment outright.

Sky Q makes it a lot harder to revert to free to air - you not only lose the equipment, but you’ll need to change the LNB on the dish back to a regular one (or make sure you get a hybrid LNB in the first place - which means you have to be “in the know” to ask, and Sky in Ireland have issued instructions to their installers not to provide them - which doesn’t mean they won’t, but again you have to ask). All about making it a more “cable-like” experience.
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I've had Sky Q since January and I don't have a bad word to say about it. OK, it's crashed once or twice but nowhere near the number of crashes I used to have with the old Sky+HD box. And it's infinitely better in terms of crashes than any Freeview PVR I've owned.

It's a definite improvement in terms of functionality on Sky+HD too - the menus are nicer, more fluid and responsive. The possibility of recording/downloading something on one box and being able to watch it on a multiroom box as well is a major positive. It means you can start a programme downstairs and finish it off in bed if you like. You can record that many simultaneous channels that I haven't once had a clash and needed Freeview since it was installed. In fact, I've unplugged the aerial from the TVs and only envisage using it again if there's ever a bad snowfall that interrupts the Sky signal. I can't even say like the poster above that the new router is bad - I've had rock solid performance from it and the signal seems to be much improved upstairs too. Another useful feature is the ability to speak into the touch remote when searching for programmes - much easier than typing it in - and the voice recognition works really well, even with my thick northern accent. Note that the multiroom remote is not capable of this, though.

The renting model doesn't bother me in the slightest. Like another poster has said, I've never had any use for any of the old Sky boxes that I have owned. I've had a Sky subscription continuously since 1995 and have never needed to keep any old box. In fact it's been more of a nuisance to have to get rid of old boxes in the past. I'd be more than happy for Sky to take these boxes away at the time of a future upgrade.

One thing I would advise is that if you upgrade is to speak to them on the phone. I'd researched it all on their website first and knew what I wanted but the salesman gave me a massive discount on the phone that I probably wouldn't have got online.

Unlike others, I'm afraid I've nothing but praise for Sky Q.
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The renting model doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I don't subscribe to Sky, but it wouldn't bother me either, with that sort of product now, and the pace of change, why not rent. It's sort of full circle from 50 years ago and colour tellies, where most people rented them (for the same reason). Same option should really be applied to smart phones. I've also leased my car for the last six years, never have to worry about servicing costs or MOTs ! It's not suitable for everyone of course, but it is now gaining popularity.
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Remember though that the previous rental model was because the TVs and what not cost an arm and a leg and it was cheaper then to rent than it was to buy them over the life of the TV. Advances in technology and the fact you can buy bigger tellies outright for less than £150 that do everything except wash the dishes and will last twice as long meant the likes of Radio Rental couldn't survive.

Smartphones have dropped to a point where a simple basic 2G phone you can get from Amazon for £15. Meanwhile anybody with more money than sense can order an Apple iPhone at some ridiculous four figure price. The likes of BrightHouse do them too (with 70% interest on top) or the mobile networks if you agree to a 24 month contract at some obscene price per month. So the same principle is there just in different packaging.

Car leasing is relatively new but its one of those works for some and not for others, if you're not that fussed about driving anything older than a 68 plate then fine, otherwise plenty of older cars on the second hand market especially if you plan to hold onto it for a good few years. Cars depreciate in value like there's no tomorrow unfortunately.