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Samsung 50q60t or LG 55un81

Help me to chose please

Eserem30 New member
I hope these is the right section for my question.
I have order an LG 55UN81006LB but before currys pc delivered the TV in next 3 days, I have time for change TV.
I see on her web store an other tv Samsung QE50Q60TAUXXU Just 50£ more and is qled.
could someone tell me which one is better please?
Thx for your help and your time.
Ne1L C Recently warned Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Hello, I don't think this a suitable place to discuss this. Here's somewhere that may help:
Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Not really in the forum remit but: The Samsungs tend to support future technology/streaming services for longer (notice how Disney+ was pretty much universally available on a lot of recent Samsung TVs not long after it launched), and most other brands get left behind.

All smart TVs eventually drop off the support scale, forcing you onto either new TVs or third party hardware like Fire sticks or Roku boxes years down the line. But on the other hand, the LG is a bigger screen, 55" v 50", though reviews seems to suggest the LG doesn't have its own catch-up apps (iPlayer, etc), unless they're being provided through Freeview Play instead...
Eserem30 New member
thanks for the answers, I was looking for a technical comparison to understand which is better at the hardware level, but the answer on the software side was useful all the same thx. In what other forum could I ask for a technical comparison between the two TVs? In that one I don’t find any forum :S

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