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My Freesat PVR is always missing the start of Eastenders. It's also a bit rubbish when it comes to the radio, usually missing the end of Radio 4 Extra shows, though I don't know if the radio channels have PDC.

Radio has no DVB EIT p/f triggers if that's what you mean, your PVR will just blindly follow
the scheduled start stop times.

ITV programmes often get chopped mid the end title sequence for me, but that's normally a welcome relief from the standard CA babble at +12dB.
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TV Headend does support it - and supports it well.

I turned on the 'use EPG running state' a few days ago and it works great, hits it right on the start of the ident. Presumably there's no way to tell it to record a few seconds earlier as it doesn't know when the next programme will switch to being the 'now' event?

Not as part of the spec, but it would be entirely feasible for TVH to tune early (as I believe it does if it has a spare tuner) buffer XX seconds of transport stream, and then when it detects the EIT p/f trigger to write a chunk of the buffer from before that point to start the recording? (A bit like video cameras that record 10"/30" etc. before you press the record button)