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Opening discussion about online broadcasters (August 2012)

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In order to give people something to discuss in this new place, I want to know what content do you watch from online broadcast groups. If you don't know what they are, here is a list of a few of the ones I know of.

TWiT - - TWiT is a tech orientated network, with around 24 shows such as This Week in Tech (for which the network is named) and Tech News Today, Windows Weekly, NSFW show (mostly having fun with tech) iFive, Ham Nation etc.

Revision 3 - - Revision 3 was recently brought by Discovery Networks and features a random assortment of shows such as Scam School, Film Riot, HD Nation, Hak 5, Totally Rad show, Tekzilla etc.

Channel Flip - - From the UK and now in partnership with BSkyB I believe, features shows like David Mitchell's Soapbox, Richard Hammonds' Tech Head and so on...

There are also some prolific groups on YouTube making content

Yogscast - - This is a group of individuals who play games (mostly Minecraft) who release many videos each week and have grown a strong fanbase which even caught the attention of the beeb!

RayWilliamJohnson - - One of the highest ranked YouTubers, this guy (who annoys me to no end) has a few shows he makes and has MANY subscribers

Smosh - - This is mainly a couple of guys Ian and Anthony who make funny viral videos, as well as a weekly lunchtime video series as they eat lunch (my favourite of their videos), and occasional videos going through their fan mail. They currently have 1,669,988,040 Video views, and are in the top 5 rankings

machinima - - This is a very large group of individuals using Videogames and other computer technologies to make episodes and other story content and is also in the top 5 of YouTube content providers.

These are just some of the networks I have encountered and watch content from. I find myself watching this content much more than the content on television. And when I do watch TV content, its typically on iPlayer or downloaded so it really has changed what I watch, and how I watch.

If you know of content or content producers online you want to mention, lets start some discussion here!
I always watch Film Riot from Revision 3 (though actually, I haven't seen it for a few weeks...).

I find the concept of 'internet TV shows' very exciting. I mean, Film Riot has, I imagine, far less commercial pressure on it than a traditional TV show. It's had time to develop, found out what works, and nurture its own voice. It's fascinating to watch the early editions - it seems very different, and more pedestrian, to me, though you can tell that its personality is just below the surface. It doesn't have a fixed time length, which helps, and has in the last year or so gained a extra episode a week. I doubt all this would have happened in the traditional model in quite the same way.

I'll be really interested to see where this goes, and how popular online-only TV becomes in the next few years.

Interestingly, BBC Three seems to be promoting a few of its online-only TV shows/clips to a linear airing. I don't know much about it, only gleaning that information from trailers, but it's interesting to see the web as a sort of 'sandpit' for new ideas.
The Verge ( does a couple of shows, notably the daily '90 Seconds on The Verge' and the monthly tech talk show On The Verge.

On The Verge is not a 'talk show' like a podcast, it is a talk show like those on TV. The host interviews guests with a relation to technology or geeky things and that guest sits in a sofa whilst the host sits at a desk. It even has a live audience.

Other than that, I don't watch too much original internet 'TV'. I treat most of the popular YT Vloggers with disdain for some reason.
I watched one edition of On The Verge when Mary Jo Foley was on, and I think its more "The Josh Topolsky" show and after the interview I had to stop watching. I think I prefer the more honest and less "polished" approach that TWiT shows have.

I am a Film Riot subscriber also, but I don't watch every show. I dip in and out
Mike W
Revision3 really shot themselves in the foot back in September last year, they wanted to use their exclusive CDN rather than use YouTube to maximise ad revenue - the only problem is their site's not as 'routine' and in view as say YouTube - where I discovered Tekzilla - less people view it now as it's tucked out the way and their player's not the most stable!

Shame really, though since Disco Networks US bought them their content has become a little more professional and less amateur!

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