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So back in the day I (or rather it appears another version of me!) asked if it would be possible to stream everything I wanted under one roof using a mini PC or other such device. (Archived thread here).

I've still been mulling this over, especially recently as the power supply on my laptop has become a little faulty and I can't use it much for long periods of time.

I discovered today that I can use the Chrome browser on my NVidia Shield K1 tablet to watch VMTV Go (Anywhere) and it will mirror nicely over HDMI to my big screen. Trying to use the VMTV Go app throws up a "we can't stream over HDMI" error, as does trying to use the NowTV app. The NOWTV app is less of an issue as I have a ROKU stick which does the job nicely, but unfortunately doesn't have a great NAS file access program or media player.

SO.... would using an Android device with the Chrome (or any other browser) be the answer to my issue? And if so, would an Android mini PC / stick PC be the best solution to my problem? The tablet/Chrome setup *works*, but it involves leaving the screen on and plugged in to save battery wastage, which is a bit daft really. And if so, which Android device would you recommend?

PS - Casting works as well using a Chromecast but again you have to leave the screen on and the tablet plugged in to charge