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BT TV full launch

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Via homepage at present. I understand that they are to be added to the 'TV Guide' soon.
Running again for today’s Styrian GP (again, race only... hasn’t been live for the other sessions this weekend).

Looks to be maxed out at 720p25, even with HD Boost pass. Hard to say for certain, given the lack of info bar to show the bitrate.

I would have thought it would make a lot of sense to be able to use the up/down arrows to switch between streams, like you can on the regular NowTV channels.

As it is, having to go back to the main menu each time is far too cumbersome for F1 use. Probably fine for football if you only want to watch a particular match.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Price Rises imminent .....

Entertainment from September 2020 £9.99 pm
Hayu from September 2020 £4.99 pm.

Retail Cards ....

Two month Cinema and Entertainment withdrawn
New single month versions launched

Entertainment - £8 (Was £10 for 2 months)
Cinema - £10 (Was £15 fror 2 months)

Expecting Sports increases shortly too.
Ouch. Will be interesting to see how BT react, given they lock their TV subscribers into a 24 month contract.

Their current base packages are:
Entertainment - £10pm (£1 more expensive than current NowTV pass)
Entertainment+Cinema - £20pm (£1 cheaper than current pass)
Sport - £40pm... £15 for BT Sport; £25 for Sky Sports (£9 cheaper than current month pass, ignoring BT Sport)
Entertainment+Cinema+Sport+HD - £60 (£13 cheaper than the current equivalent passes, ignoring BT Sport)

Some good value there already if one is willing to lock-in, but I suspect their Entertainment+Cinema pricing will need to increase. I suspect the £9 difference in Sport is them overpricing BT Sport rather than under-pricing Sky Sports.

Bolt-on passes are at the usual NowTV prices, so I expect these will rise to match the new prices.

18 days later

DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Not strictly NOW TV but ROKU.

Interesting that DR - Danmarks Radio have now launched their player on the platform with all content in HD (or upscaled for Archive material) with minimal geoblocking too. A test version was in place for a few weeks prior to launch. They become the first major European Broadcaster I've spotted to use the platform.
My NOW TV Sports Football season ticket is still running despite the PL season ending.... wonder what will come first - next year's offer ready for September or the monthly renewal ?

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