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BT TV full launch

DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
So NOW to BTTV has not made it today, but there's been a surprise software download to BTTV boxes tonight, only days after the last. Clutching at straws for this, but there could be relevance.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
BTTV - NOW TV Launching today
London Lite Founding member London London
That looks like a real game changer for BT TV, the incentive of being able to record NOW TV live channels in Full HD in addition to already having Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on one bill.

It blows TalkTalk's SD and 720p offerings out of the water.
Jarv Anglia (East) Look East
Wonder what will happen to us on existing BT TV packages? I'm paying £12 for BT sport Max 4K
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
This is turning into a PR nightmare for BT, the lack of information and the detail today has led to an avalanche of posts on the BT Community. All sorts of possibilities being mentioned, including that NOW TV will replace entirely the existing content bar BT Sport on the Platform. Losing amongst others Discovery and UKTV content in the process. I find that astonishing if true. We'll find out on Friday.
rdd Founding member
Sounds like a near repeat (in terms of customer confusion) of what happened recently when eir entirely relaunched its tv package. It already had a wholesale deal with Sky, but dumped all Sky and premium channels from its own service and directed people to Now TV. The difference is they don’t have this level of integration with Now TV (in fact the “integration” boils down to customer service staff telling people who enquire about Sky Sports to download the Now TV app).
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
On NowTV Sky Sports F1 Has reportedly gone 50fps today.

Having a look on both my 4K box and Roku SS+, it's looking great.

There's another rumour flying around that BT are to put the EPG version of NOWTV on their Multicast network on Friday which is really surprising, I'd always assumed, and indeed had read, that the boxes would switch to the NOWTV Unicast streams on these channels. CALLING NOGGIN - The argument being outlined is that it's not possible to record unicast - is this true?
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remlap Wales Wales Today
Does the voice search integrate with the terrestrials and Netflix apps on NowTV?
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Well BTTV via YouView has fallen over this afternoon in many areas across the country, whilst trying to integrate NOWTV into the EPG system. All Subscription Channels being wiped off the boxes. Luckily the Apps are unaffected.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Well, we're after a BTTV 180 minute outage, back in business, EPG all set for NOW TV tomorrow and the full NOW TV App is now available on the platform.
BT customers have gained the Sky channels but look set to lose 20 others:

Animal Planet
Comedy Central Extra
Crime + Investigation
Discovery Science
Discovery Turbo
Eurosport 1
Eurosport 2
Investigation Discovery
Movies 24
MTV Music
MTV Classic
Nat Geo
TCM Movies

None of the above are included in BT's new packages so it's only a matter of time until existing customers lose 20 channels... I wouldn't be happy!

They should get History and History 2 when they rebrand as Sky History and Sky History 2.
London Lite Founding member London London
Considering the close relationship between Sky and A+E for the History Channel, I'd like to hope that Crime & Investigation will end up on Now TV, but I was hoping they'd continue the existing BT TV multi-channel line-up in addition to NOW channels and AMC.

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