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Westcountry Spotlight
Progress report, seems NOW TV Ireland on Twitter indicating imminent 'this month' launch of the BT/Premier pass in the Republic.

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As an aside practically every entry on that Irish Times screenshot bar the last is incorrect in some way; the first two Pro14 games were on eir Sport rather than Premier Sports (blocked in ROI), Liverpool v Leicester was on Premier Sports (ROI only), and Zebre v Dragons was substituted with alternative programming on the ROI version of FreeSports.
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Launched now in ROI, Sports Extra pass at €10 per day, €15 per week,€34 per month (discounted to €17 for first three months at present)


No idea why Sky decided to promote the European Challenge Cup over the Heineken Champions Cup in their little tournament logos bit at the bottom of the page, but anyway.
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It appears there may have been a good reason why this launched in ROI yesterday...

An interesting move in the Irish TV landscape today has seen eir scrap it’s existing set top box and move over to an app running on an Apple TV.

What’s this got to to do with either Now TV or BT Sport, I hear you cry? Well eir will no longer be offering any Sky-owned or premium tier channels on their service and instead are directing customers to take up a Now TV pass via the Apple TV app. This comes just two months after eir had done a wholesale deal with Sky to offer BT Sport and Premier Sports on its “old” TV service (and indeed anyone who has already signed up to the “old” service can still subscribe to BT/Premier that way).